Anorak News | Tony Chan Chun-chuen Foresees Nina Wangs’s Fortune

Tony Chan Chun-chuen Foresees Nina Wangs’s Fortune

by | 20th, April 2007

nina1.jpgWAIT, it’s all coming clear to me now. I see a short dark stranger, and she’s giving me a blooming great wad of cash. Two billion pounds of it.

Even Chinese fortune teller Tony Chan Chun-chuen would have been hard pressed to predict this piece of good fortune, but the confidante of Asia’s richest woman, Nina Wang, who died from cancer this month, has been named as the sole beneficiary in the childless Mrs Wang’s will.

The Telegraph tells us that Wang, known as ‘Little Sweetie’, built up a massive property empire from the business of her husband Teddy, who was kidnapped by gangsters and never seen again back in 1990.

The condition is that the fortune-teller should use the money in a “good and proper way”.

However, with family members fuming over the will, I predict a hotly-contested legal dispute.

It is not known if the late Ms Wang knew Anna Nicole Smith…

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