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Cho Seung-Hui – The Conspiracy

by | 21st, April 2007

WELL, that didn’t take long – Cho Seung-Hui kills 32 people and he becomes the victim.

In response to Cho Seung-Hui Was No Suicide Bomber – Broadcast And Be Damned, BB says:
“There is a possibility that there are other people who are really behind the whole planning and excution of the killing.

Cho could have been a just convenient scapegoat who went along with the plan, possibly with a promise that he would die as a ‘hero’. This kind of logic can work on sick and unstable minds and somebody, knowing Cho’s schizophrenic tendency and lonlieness, could have used it.

Think about it.”

Er, no. It doen’t bear thinking about. But expect lots more of it…

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