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Wi-Fi Is Killing Our Kids

by | 22nd, April 2007

wi-fi-2.jpg“Wi-Fi: Children at risk from ‘electronic smog’”.

The Independent on Sunday continues to bring the headlines that shock.

“Revealed – radiation threat from new wireless computer networks,” it thunders.

“Teachers demand inquiry to protect a generation of pupils.”

Long gone are those halcyon days when students were threatened by falling German bombs, the intoxicating effects of inhaling fibre-tipped pens and finding someone else’s bogey stuck in a school text book.

Now the PC in the classroom is slowly killing them.

The children would only run away from the desks if only they were fit enough and not morbidly obese. All they can do is sit and be cooked in their own fat.

Readers learn that Sir William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection Agency, wants pupils to be monitored for ill effects from the networks “which emit radiation and are being installed in classrooms across the nation”.

The paper talks of “growing pressure” for the kind of examination of Wi-Fi that was conducted on mobile phones. The Indy says some scientists fear Wi-Fi could cause “cancer and premature senility”.

Who knew you could get face cancer from staring at the screen, or have your brains turned to mush be staring at, well, Anorak.

The Independent cites an incidence at Stowe School where wireless internet was “partially removed” after a teacher became ill.

Readers are not told the symptoms of this illness. We do not learn if the teacher felt better after the Wi-Fi quotient was reduced.

But the message is that you can never be certain something will kill you until you are ill or dead. And you read it in a text book.

The sensible advice is for parents to keep their children off school until a full sweep of the classroom has been conducted…

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