Anorak News | Danielle Lloyd Carries The Cross Of St George And St Bastille

Danielle Lloyd Carries The Cross Of St George And St Bastille

by | 23rd, April 2007

danielle-lloyd-queen.jpgWHAT better way to wave the flag for St George than to put his mark on the front of Danielle Lloyd’s knickers?

A cross makes the spot for Dani. And what Star reader cannot help but feel the stirrings of patriot fervour as they set sight on Dani?

What is more, the “patriotic model” is backing the move to have St George’s Day made a Bank Holiday.

There was a time when the flag of St George looked lost to the bigots and racists but with Dani now fluttering it between her legs, it is being reclaimed for decency.

Says Dani in the Star: “I think national saints days are very important and should be celebrated.

“I’ll be celebrating with everyone today and I support the campaign for it to be a Bank Holiday just like France has Bastille Day.”

Indeed. If St Bastille, patron saint of French prison break-outs, can be celebrated with a day off from the rigours of the 35-hour French working week, then surely the English can have a day off for our foremost slayer of dragons.

All for one and one for all, cry for Dani, England and St George!

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