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Ahmadinejad Hostage Arthur Batchelor In Gun Drama

by | 23rd, April 2007

batchelor1.jpgNO little shock as Able Seaman Arthur Batchelor, friend to Faye Turney’s mother figure, is pictured not wearing in his Man At Ahmadinejad suit.

It was believed that having been captured and then set free by Iran’s fashion conscious leader, 5ft 2in tall Batchelor would wear his suit every day without fail thereby cementing his celebrity as the Iranian hostage who survived to sell his story. Never mind the length, admire the quality.

But here he is in the Mirror clad in a canary yellow shirt. Around his eyes is held a green and white tea towel. A gun (reportedly fake) is held across his throat.

Being kidnapped once is unlucky, twice suggests carelessness, a fetish for such role playing or a ploy to maintain his fame.

The Mail has a similar picture. And, as ever, it shows that Batchelor is grinning from ear to ear. This is the grin of defiance readers last saw when Batchelor was displaying his ping-pong skills to his Iranian captors.

Reading on we learn that Batchelor has been captured in a Plymouth nightclub. By our estimations this is well outside Iranian national waters. But while we await confirmation of that, Batchelor appears dressed in a nightie.

batchelor2.jpgNavy types, like Batchelor, are believed to favour women’s wear, but surely this is going too far. As Faye Turney showed us and the Iranians, we already have genuine females in the military and this kind of cross-dressing is no longer required to make life on the ocean wave that bit more bearable.

A spokesman tells the Sun: “Arthur Batchelor has been through a very traumatic experience and is just letting his hair down. [See Turney’s headscarf]. This was in his own time and we do not police navy personnel in their own time. We cannot comment on what he might or might not do in his own private hours.”

Best not to, anyhow – at last not until Batchelor has signed release forms to allow the Navy to feature excerpts from this upcoming book, “Letters From Tehran – The Horror…The Horror”…

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