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Liberals To Blame For Virginia Tech Massacre

by | 23rd, April 2007

virginia-tech.jpgIN the week following the massacre at Virginia Tech, as liberals pinned the blame for the shootings on gun control and inadequate mental care, right-wing talk show hosts have turned their sights on “liberal scum,” immigration and even the shooting victims themselves.

The Virginia Tech blame game continues to play out on opinion pages across New York’s newspapers. But according to the New York Times, talk radio has pulled few punches.

Right-wing talk show host Rush Limbaugh blamed immigration and political correctness for not allowing Seung-Hui Cho to be locked up sooner. Afterall the shooter was (a) a nutcase and (b) a foreigner.

“This guy was sending up flares,” Limbaugh told his approximately 13.5 million listeners. “Was everybody so concerned with the trumped-up global warming scare they didn’t notice a real threat, for example?

“The guy is Korean. He’s Asian. How many people refused to do anything about it or even complain about it because they would be tagged as racists?”

Meanwhile, conservative talk radio host Michael Savage (author of The Enemy Within and Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder ) went further, confiding to his audience of eight million that the only reason Cho “was walking the streets was because liberal scum have for 30 years handcuffed the police and the people of this country and made us hostages in their drama.”

Yep, that’s right. Never mind the fact that since the 1970s both liberals and conservatives have emptied the country’s mental institutions (liberals because they thought the institutions were oppressive and conservatives because they thought they were expensive). Suddenly, it is the liberal scum who are to blame for a lone gunman’s rampage.

But perhaps no one on the right has managed to put two and two together to make five quite as insultingly as libertarian Neal Boortz who accused the victims of not doing enough to stop Cho: “When the history of this event is written we will have 25 students standing meekly waiting for this guy to execute them. Waiting for what? The government to come save them.”

Yes Neal, but who will save America from people like you?

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