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President Ahmadinejad’s Fashion Police

by | 23rd, April 2007

turney.jpgWHO knew that when President Ahmadinejad of Iran handed out those suits to British sailors and that headscarf to Faye Turney he was treating them as he treats his own?

The Man And Woman At Ahmadinejad range of clothing has yet to catch on beyond the smarter elements of Britian’s mini-cabbing fraternity but over there in Iran the look is de regueur.

Indeed, failure to do as the Ahmadinejad House of Fashion dictates will result in a written warning, followed by a swift re-education.

More on the “bad hejab” drive comes over the news wires from Agence France Press:

“Iran has issued more than a thousand warnings and arrested dozens in a new drive aimed at forcing women whose dress is deemed inappropriate to adhere to Islamic dress rules, officials said Sunday.

The nationwide drive — an annual pre-summer crackdown given greater prominence this year — is aimed primarily at women whose coats are seen as too tight, trousers excessively short or hejabs (headscarves) overly loose.

It foresees handing out warnings and guidance to women found to have infringed its dress code in public. Those who show resistance to change can be arrested and then be the subject of legal proceedings.

‘Since the plan started at 10:00 am on Saturday, 1,347 women have been warned and given Islamic guidance,’ the head of information at Tehran city’s police force, Mehdi Ahmadi, told AFP.

‘There were 170 arrests. Of these, 58 were released after making a written commitment and rectifying their appearance. The cases of the rest, who already had a record, were handed over to the judiciary,’ he said….

Mohammad Taghi Rahbar, a member of the culture committee of the Iranian parliament, was quoted by the Etemad newspaper as saying a harder line towards female dress was long overdue.

‘The current situation is shameful for an Islamic government. A man who sees these models on the streets will pay no attention to his wife at home, destroying the foundation of the family,’ he warned.

The Tehran police spokesman warned that men were not exempt from the crackdown.

Ahmadi said officers would also target men sporting clothes deemed too tight or hairstyles deemed too extravagant.”

Although no figures on the number of men warned or arrested are given. Perhaps the number is zero?

Until the facts are known, Anorak advises all Iranian men to dress as thier womenfolk – to be on the safe side…

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