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If The Shoe Fits: Two Victoria Beckhams In LA

by | 24th, April 2007

victoria-beckham.jpgWITH Victoria Beckham looking at Los Angeles through gritted teeth, the search is on for her replacement.

And the good news is that we have the technology to replicate Vicky. And what with Vicky being comprised of jus two dimensions, the cost is minimal.

As the Mirror reports, Camilla Shadbolt has turned herself into Victoria Beckham. And it only cost her £70,000.

For a small fraction of David Beckham’s weekly wage, Camilla has transformed herself into the image of Her Poshness.

And the look works. Camilla tells us that when visiting a shoe shop in Japan she was swamped by fans. “In the end the shop owner had to take me into a back room just to get away from the crowd,” says she.

She goes on: “They were treating me like royalty, bringing me all these different styles and waiting on me hand and foot. It was embarrassing.”

It is spooky, indeed, to note that Camilla has not only got the Vicky look but the Vicky patter down pat. Camilla is just as normal as Vicky. And Vicky is just as ordinary as Camilla. Please, no fuss. No really. No, Stop. No. Over here. Stop.

And now Camilla is in Hollywood. Camilla, and her former boyfriend Beckham-alike Andy Harmer, have been dispatched to Los Angeles to see how the locals react to them.

In Sky One’s Beckhams Go To Hollywood, the bogus Beckhams will show how they blagged a £9,000 necklace, conned their way into the Ivy eatery and queue-jumped at an elusive club.

So close is the resemblance between this cut-price Posh and that Posh, we fear the real Day-vid may not be able to spot the difference and make a marriage–threatening faux-pas.

And that Americans will start thinking all British women look like that…

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