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Lord Laidlaw Laying Low From David Cameron

by | 24th, April 2007

WITH David Cameron now imploring us to be ‘nice to each other’, one of his party’s lords is continuing to act in a rather ungentlemanly fashion.

The Mirror tells us that billionaire conference organiser Lord Laidlaw is still refusing to pay tax in the UK worth an incredible £50 million.

In a letter from the Tory big-wig to a Parliamentary watchdog, he claims that the tax is unjust as he spends too little time here, preferring instead to spend his days at his Monte Carlo home.

So far, the self-appointed moral crusader Cameron has refused to discipline his tax-dodging Lord while Lib Dem Lord Oakeshott says: “Cameron should issue Laidlaw with a £50 million Asbo.

“What could be more anti-social than making laws to spend others’ money while dodging tax yourself?”

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