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Victoria Beckham’s Double Chin And Vegetables

by | 25th, April 2007

posh.jpgVICTORIA Beckham does not have an eating disorder. Which leaves us free to marvel at and speculate about her fast metabolism/tapeworms/inner famine etc.

Says Her Poshness in heat magazine:
Really. “I became obsessed with what I looked like. I would look in the mirror and check the size of my bottom, see if my double chin was getting smaller.

“I began living on vegetables and nothing else. But it never occurred to me that I had an eating disorder.”

It was then Posh was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, a condition that can affect a woman’s ability to have children.

So she ate. And now her past diet is, like her flat bum, all behind her.

Says Posh: “I do control my eating. But I think there is a big difference between someone having an eating disorder and someone who is controlled about what they eat.”

Of course there is. And anyone who says she has an eating problem is clearly wrong…

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