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Princess Diana: Was She Pushed?

by | 25th, April 2007

poirot1.gifPRINCESS DIANA is smiling again.

But what has brought about this shift in the visage of the Express’s masthead, the Express’s Diana News-Ometer?

As Anorak has noted, the Express utilises Diana as a barometer of the world’s fortunes. And today she is beaming.

“DIANA: NEW SENSATION,” says the Express’s front-page headline.

She’s alive! We knew it. We have long suspected that Diana did not die – how could she? – but retired to the fabled Six Floor at London’s Harvey Nichols department store.

But it seems that story is for later. Today’s sensation is that Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss has stood down from her role as official coroner in the Diana inquest.

But why?

“It seems to me that once again the secret hand of the Establishment is at work,” says Mohammed Al Fayed, sounding not too unlike Hercule Poirot in an episode of Scooby Do.

In “DIANA FIASCO,” the Mirror hears Butler-Sloss say that she considers herself lacking the necessary experience to handle a jury case.

nfayed.jpg“This is further indication of the Establishment’s intention to cover up the murders of two innocent people,” says Fayed. “If the first coroner doesn’t do what the Royal Family want, they change for another coroner.”

And then in full Poirot mode: “Clearly, Butler-Sloss was pushed.” With Fayed on the case, Humpty-Dumpty, sorry, Butler-Sloss, will not be allowed to get away.

But she already has. And while Fayed seek out his Evans, Butler-Sloss’s replacement is upon us. The new coroner is Lord Justice Scott Baker.

As the Mirror notes, he’s the simple sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play who jailed former Cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken at the Old Bailey in 1999.

Lord Justice Baker will get to the bottom of the matter. He’s the case’s third contender in nine months. Third time lucky.

Or as Fayed might put it: “Hickory Dickory Dock”…

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