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Queen Elizabeth’s Carbon Footprint: Budget Travellers Go To Seed

by | 25th, April 2007

queen.jpgNEWS that Her Majesty the Queen is to offset the carbon emitted by her flight next month to the US is all very admirable.

In “GREEN QUEEN,” the Mirror notes that for the first time the Queen’s flight will have a carbon offset.

The Queen’s spokeswoman says the figure has yet to be calculated. Readers who wish to help with the sums should note that the Queen and her husband will travel by BA Boeing 777 aircraft. They will be accompanied by 35 lackeys. Number of bags and weight of crown is not reported.

Jim Scott of Save Our World says “It is a very good example for Her Majesty to set.”

It is. And very good of us to pay for it. As the palace spokeswoman tells the Mirror: “It’s public money so it must conform to carbon offsetting in terms of Government policy.”

But even without the public purse paying for trees to rub out Liz’s carbon footprint, she could surely fund the planting programme from her own pockets.

Can the same be said for the rest of us?

It’s not hard to see the day when budget travellers are unable to offset their carbon emissions and therefore unable to fly.

Just how many house plants do you need to offset, say, a fortnight’s trip to Benidorm for a family of three? Does elder son Wayne’s bag of herbal smokes and his spare bedroom marijuana farm figure in the balance? And is it wise for the budget traveller to secure a packet of marigold seeds about their person when making a rip by jet? The customs of the future may require this and more.

Or will Her Majesty give us some of her extensive forests and lands to plant on?

Is it not fair and proper that we should be able to save the planet as she does? And doesn’t carbon turn into diamond?

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