Anorak News | Guardian Angel: Mel B Introduces Eddie Murphy To His Daughter

Guardian Angel: Mel B Introduces Eddie Murphy To His Daughter

by | 25th, April 2007

mel-bs.jpg“SCARY SPICE MELANIE BROWN” is here to “PRESENT” baby Angel Iris Murphy Brown. “EDDIE MURPHY, MEET YOUR DAUGHTER,” says the OK! cover.

“Being a mum, you just get to give something back,” says Mel as she idles by a swimming pool.

Not that Mel wants to give Angel back. She just wants the world to know how deliriously happy she is and that she has not spoken to Eddie since he publicly dumped her.

First though, we journey through the celebrity birthing process, which, as ever, proves fascinating.

Mel’s Stormy Waters

Angel was nine days early. Mel’s waters broke at her home.

At hospital, Mel was met by a doctor. The contractions were to last five or six hours. At midnight “Mel dilated from 4cm to 10cm in a “matter of minutes – all of a sudden my baby was coming out.”

The baby was out in four minutes of pushing. Angel weighed 5lbs. Mel weighed more.

Such are the statistics. And we file them away on Anorak’s celebrity birth chart, noting that Mel is a little more generous in the pelvic floor zone than some but right near the top of the graph when it comes to pushing.

Now Mel has a new baby and, naturally, a complementary personal trainer. He’s called Joey Kormier and he will get Mel down to her target weight of 120-125lbs.

Those are the vital statistic. But after that facts are less certain.

Does Not Accept

Mel says Eddie Murphy is Angel’s dad. Eddie says he’d like a DNA test.

Mel says her time with Eddie was “amazing”, “beautiful”, and “perfect”. Eddie says he wants her swabbed.

They got his ‘n’ hers tattoos – his name on her; her name on him. If they ever got lost, passers-by could read Eddie and Mel and know to whom they each belonged.

They shared the same sense of humour. Says Mel: “We used to do things like go for coffee in his Rolls-Royce.” Mel would run around his pool yelling, “Look, I’m a mermaid.” Eddie would say that if anybody could see Mel they could think she was mad.

Soon after, things turned sour. Eddie dumped Mel. Mel was pregnant. Mel meditated. There was a story Mel had been rude to Eddie’s mum.

Was it all a bit surreal? “No,” say Mel, “because every morning I wake up and see that tattoo on my hip.”

And don’t see Eddie…

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