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Prince Harry’s Iraq Victory Parade

by | 26th, April 2007

prince-harry.jpgWHO having seen Prince Harry imbibing the courage of the Dutch, and the full range of spirits on offer at various London watering holes, would have guessed that he would not fight in Iraq?

But this is the story as the Sun uses its front page to give cheer and heart to the Iraqi insurgents.

In “HARRY WON’T FIGHT”, readers here and over there learn that “Army chiefs” are reviewing the decision to let the flame-haired prince loose on the enemy.

There is talk of “increased violence” against British troops. And the risk that Harry may return to Blighty less than intact is causing his superiors concern.

The Sun mentions the highly publicised threats issued by the enemy. They say they will kill Harry. They say they will kidnap Harry and chop off his ears. They say that 9/11 never happened, the world is flat and Noel Edmonds is the best thing on British telly.

When the enemy speaks it is hard to know what to believe. But the Sun says Harry could be a magnet for suicide bombers and snipers. Can he be allowed to go and place himself and those around him in so much danger?

But how does this stack up against what the Sun says is Harry’s dream to fight for his country?

It is a puzzler. But we suggest that Harry carries on as is for now. The war will soon be over and Harry – who was last night on manoeuvres with Chelsy Davy in London for football’s Champions League match between Chelsea and Liverpool – will get his chance to fight.

With the enemy defeated and Iraq whole again, Iraqi bar managers and club impresarios will need a brave celebrity face to show the locals that Baghdad is the London of the Middle East.

Cometh hour of victory. Cometh Harry…

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