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The Japanese Woman Who Mistook Her Sheep For a Poodle:

by | 26th, April 2007

sheep.jpgNEW poodle won’t bark?

It’s a common enough problem among Japan’s well-heeled. You buy the poodle over the internet. You take the poode home. The poodle refuses to bark or eat dog food.

And then the poodle thinks it’s a sheep. It begins to baa like a sheep. Its fur starts to resemble wool. When you wear that merino sweater, it follows you around.

Maiko Kawakami, a Japanese movie star, has such a pet. She went on TV and complained about it. She produced photos of the animal. And she was told that her poodle was a sheep. A sheep dog? No. A sheep.

Kawakami’s shock discovery triggered hundreds of other Japanese women to contact the police. They had been duped. They too had bought a wolly poodle from Poodles As Pets.

These imported British and Australian poodles would make ideal pets. And for £630 a head – less than half the usual price – the poodles were a bargain.

Says a spokesman for the Japanese police: “Sadly, we think there is more than one company operating this way.”

So if you have a poodle that refuses to roll over, beg and guard the family business with the required level of menace, a minature golden whale that won’t playfully spray you with its water spout or a rare underground pink snake, do not depair.

You are not alone. You are just one of the herd…

Spotter: The Sun

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