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John Edwards Promotes Haggard Who Promotes Hillary Clinton

by | 26th, April 2007

edwards.jpgJOHN Edwards – he of the paigeboy hair-cut – is making an offer his supporters cannot refuse. Anyone who donates $50 to his presidential campainn will receive their money back in tax rebate when Edwards is voted into office.

No, not really. The offer is for a CD called Moneyland, listed “a collection of songs about the plight of rural America”.

Under the banner “Save Rural America”, Edwards writes on his website: “For too many years, Democrats have stood by while Republicans dominate rural elections only to abandon rural people. It doesn’t have to be that way.

”We’ve launched an aggressive rural outreach campaign to help restore prosperity to rural America and change the political map. But to pull it off, we need your help.

”If you can give $50 or more to help fund our rural outreach program, you’ll receive a CD featuring celebrated country and bluegrass artists that highlights the issues facing rural America.”

The site even features the lyrics to a ditty by Marty Stuart and Merle Haggard.

Fans of political-country music will instantly recognise Haggard’s name from the recording Hillary, in which he urges: “Let’s put a woman in charge.”

David Saunders, Edwards’ chief adviser for rural affairs and a co-producer of the album, says this is not a problem: “This album is not about electing John Edwards, and it’s not about electing Hillary Clinton.

“This album is about rural America.”

And if you give John Edwards $50 and help make him president, he’ll send you a copy…

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