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Heather Mills Gets The Boot – Paul McCartney On American Idol?

by | 26th, April 2007

heather.jpgHEATHER Mills, she of the syncopated one-step, is out of Dancing with the Stars. (Picture: The Spine)

As Tabloid Baby reports, Less than a week after Sanjaya Malakar was shunted off American Idol, one-legged charity campaigner, former porn model, Paul McCartney exploiter, British pariah, baby oil enthusasist and sexual advisor to curly-haired German males Heather Mills has been “sent hopping” from Dancing with The Stars.

The freak show is over.

As TB notes, Heather was constantly hyped in Dancing as the disabled, handicapped, one-legged charity campaigner. Neither McCartney nor her controversial past were ever mentioned on air. But her performances were marked by superhuman vaults, cartwheels and flips, made possible by a series of pogo-stick-like state-of-the-art bionic prosthetic leg.

And now she has been given the boot.

In her leaving, Heather claimed her stint on the show helped the animal activist cause, and urged viewers to “go vegan”.

Now that Heather and her collection of special legs has cleared out of Television City, will Paul McCartney show up on the rival American Idol event, which is doing some real charity campaigning this week?

Macca had been rumoured to be a guest mentor on Idol this season. He reportedly backed out of appearing on British Invasion night because of Mills’ Dancing styint. Should McCartney appear on tonight’s Idol Gives Back charity event, we’ll be convinced that that everything is connected.

Albeit not as well connected as Heather is to that pogo-ing leg. It never did fly off…

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