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‘Temple Of Gloom’: John Prescott’s Two Shags Lover One Year On

by | 27th, April 2007

prescott.jpgREMEMBER Tracey Temple, the political aide whose crimson despatch box proved so alluring to Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott? (Picture: Beau Bo d’Or.)

As the Mirror writes: “12 months ago she was the diary secretary at the heart of power [surely seat]…mixing in glamorous circles and sleeping with the Deputy PM. But a year is a long time in politics…”

One imagines that fifty seconds over the arm of a wing-back chair with Prescott is a long time in politics. Too long for most.

And looking at the Mirror’s picture of Tracey Temple suggests that things have altered for the woman who went the extra half yard for her country.

Gone is the “power-dressing, red-lipsticked, peroxide blonde bombshell”. Gone “are the fancy hair-dos and eye-catching low-cut frocks”. And not just for Prezza, Tracey’s changed too.

In their place is a “shapeless raincoat and sensible shoes”.

temple-prescott.jpgBack then, Tracey told the world: “I feel I have been used as a scapegoat. They have abandoned me and hung me out to dry. I have been left completely alone. I am not the siren I have been painted.”

The red leather trousers were not the real Tracey. Not really.

Those day have gone. And in case readers suspect that beneath that raincoat lies a jet black catsuit with the legend “Chase me I’m a jaguar” etched across the back, the Mirror sees Tracey sit down , her coat open and a demure black skirt revealed.

The Mirror approaches. What are her thoughts? “It’s all behind me now,” says she in “THE TEMPLE OF GLOOM.”

The woman who worked under Prescott and lived to tell the tale…

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