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Faking Photos: Is That Labour Candidate Busharat Ali?

by | 28th, April 2007

labour-leaflet.jpgFAKING photographs for propoganda purposes is nothing new. Nor is favouring one view of the news. But has Labour candidate Busharat Ali been elaborating with the actualité?

As LibDem Voice tells us: “Busharat Ali is the Labour candidate in Lawrence Hill ward, Bristol. He didn’t like being attacked in a Liberal Democrat leaflet over Blair and Iraq.

“He responded with a leaflet that said: ‘I was on the National March in London against the Iraq war”. His missive is reported to have come equipped with the photograph to the right.

busharat-ali2.jpgAnd then LibDemVoices sees this second photo – “Looks familiar doesn’t it – save that it is a different person at the front of the photo. Oh, and this photo is really one of a group of pro-Hizbollah supporters rather than people marching against the Iraq war.”

Does he oppose in Iraq. Does he support the repulsive Hizbollah and support attacks on Israel? Or is it all just case of mistaken identity?

Fans of Busharat Ali can check out his videos here. They are worth a look. And see him with Tony Blair here.

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