Anorak News | Prince Harry Will Soldier On But Princess Diana Says No Go

Prince Harry Will Soldier On But Princess Diana Says No Go

by | 29th, April 2007

WILL Prince Harry do his duty for God and granny? Will he fight in Iraq?

The Observer hears Harry’s orders and role clarified by his boss:

“According to informed sources, the view of the Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt, is clear: Cornet Windsor is in the army, in a combat unit, and that’s what people in the army do. Any plans to rescind his six-month tour will undermine both Harry’s own sense of self-worth and the vital connection – of loyalty, service and sense of nationhood – which still exists between royalty and the army.”


But then this is the same paper:

“Lord St John of Fawsley, the constitutional expert and friend of the Queen, added: ‘The thought of him being captured is horrific, a much bigger disaster than him being killed. Despite Harry’s understandable desire to go with his men, it’s in the higher interest of state security that he doesn’t go. I think Princess Diana would be thinking along the lines I describe.'”

Perhaps if he promises to wear his seatbelt…

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