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An Army of Harrys: Prince Harry Flushes Out The Enemy

by | 29th, April 2007

WHAT if Prince Harry goes to Iraq and wins the war?

This from EuRef:

“Rather than his high profile presenting a problem, however, a more robust – dare one say masculine – society (of which the Army is a part) might look upon this as an opportunity.

“Much of the difficulties in dealing with insurgencies is that the enemy is hidden. In order to prevail against it, it must be brought to battle. And, if Prince Harry is up for it, his presence in theatre would be an ideal bait, drawing out the enemy whence it can be systematically slaughtered.”

Why not got further and get lots of Prince Harrys? A Prince Harry for every town. A Prince Harry of every street corner in Fallujah. A ginger wig and a bottle of alcopops and the enemy doesn’t stand a chance.

And Harry doesn’t need to go. Although he will need to lie low lest he blow the caper. A small Caribbean island should be the perfect place from where Harry can win the war…


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