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Heir Smiles: Prince Andrew Is ‘Cheap’

by | 30th, April 2007

andrew.jpgWHILE Princess Beatrice prepares to fill Prince Harry’s brogues, and his place at the bar, her dad, Prince Andrew, is holding his skis like he means it.

To the untutored eye, it would seem that Andrew is on holiday again.

But, as the Mail reports, Andy is Britain’s “roving ambassador for trade” and on closer inspection we realise that the skis are available from Bob’s Discount Ski Shed just off the M4 between Windsor and Staines.

As the Mail reports, Andy made almost 300 trips last year, half in the UK and half oversees. This afforded him little time for golf. But such is his selfless dedication to duty, other jobs often go by the wayside.

Rightly, Andy’s hard work does not come cheap. This year, as the paper says, Andy and his team’s work is to cost £500,000.

Says Andy: “If you’re doing what I’m doing, the only way to increase a country’s awareness of what the UK can provide is to go and visit and maintain that relationship.”

The Express (“I’M NOT A POINTLESS PRINCE”) notes “the growing public suspicion that what he calls ‘work’, the rest of us would call a non-stop round of jollies, all at the expense of the taxpayer”. But we would be wrong.

Andrew goes on: “In terms of return on investment in the UK, bearing in mind I am part of a number of people, I would suggest that £500,000 is cheap at the price.”


With Harry winning the war in Iraq and Andrew extolling the benefits of air travel and Bob’s skis, the UK is a far better place for the Royal Family.

Hurrah for them. And Prince Edward!

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