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Bob Woolmer Poison: It’s Not Over Yet Says Sherlock

by | 30th, April 2007

woolmer2.jpgWITH the Cricket World Cup ended under a dark cloud – the final finished with Sri Lanka’s players risking life and limb trying to hit a hard ball in the dark (unsurprisingly, they lost to Australia) – we return to the main story: the death of Bob Woolmer.

In “Woolmer ‘paralysed by poison”, the Express hears it claimed that the Pakistan coach was rendered powerless by poisoning before being strangled.

The BBC’s Panorama show has seen the preliminary toxicology reports that says poison was found in Woolmer’s blood.

Ans this is seen as a breakthrough. Woolmer was poisoned before being killed, eh? Not after? Although it has not been proven. But still, watch the show and find out what could have happened.

And there are expert views. Panorama hears chief investigating officer Mark Shields says he feels it would be difficult to strangle 6ft 2in Woolmer.

Calling upon his many years of experience, Shields tells the BBC: “A lot of force would be needed to do that.” (Ed’s note: Insert ‘No shit Sherlock’ here.)

And: “Bob Woolmer was a large man and one could argue that it was an extremely strong person, or maybe more than one person. But, equally, the lack of external injuries suggests that there might be some other factors.”

Good to know the case is making progress. And the BBC is making entertainment from it…

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