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Dearest Britain: A Two-Tier Economy

by | 30th, April 2007

A NEW report from the Royal Bank of Scotland reveals that British shoppers are being ripped-off in comparison to their European and American counterparts.

The report in question, entitled ‘The Return Of Rip Off Britain?’, highlights that while Britons pay quite low prices for their weekly shop, when it comes to computer game consoles, branded electronic goods, alcohol, furniture and rail tickets, they are being left out of pocket.

The rise of a ‘two-tier economy’, where only the smartest consumers or those with access to the internet can find the best deals worries Martin Lewis of,.

Says he: “Companies have finally realised the ultimate economic dream where rather than offer one price for all, they charge customers what they are willing to pay. So you have information enfranchised consumers who get amazing bargains and very cheap prices, and then you get people who don’t, through ignorance or because they want to do it quickly, and pay masses more.”

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