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Nuts In May: When Hazel Blears Freaks Out!

by | 30th, April 2007

blears.jpgHAZEL Blears’ bid to be deputy leader of the Labour Party has hit a snag.

Blears, who has promoted her name on YouTube and hoodies, is appalled, shocked, sadden and very probably incandescent with rage to learn that the company making her official T-shirts might be less than ethical.

Hazel demands “swift answers”.

It has come to her attention that T-shirts for sale on her offical website bearing the legend “nuts about Hazel” might have been manufactured by B&C/The Cotton Group, a firm with a chequered past.

Says Hazel: “It has come to our attention that The Cotton Group was one of the customers of Spectrum, a manufacturer who operated an unsafe factory in Bangladesh which collapsed in 2005, killing 64 workers.”

And worse still, the firm has “been cited as one the companies who did not contribute to the welfare fund for workers and their families following the collapse”.

Blears is “horrified”. She is investigating the matter “with some urgency”. She is “angry”. She is “upset”.

Hazel says she “will be making a personal donation to the families affected by the disaster”.

Good for her. Although we are surprised that someone so in tune with public opinion and part of the ethical Labour Government has not already handed over some money. Better late than never. And right it is that the matter is being given the full and frank attention it merits.

And you can do your bit. We urge the owner of the “nuts about hazel” T-shirt to dig a deep pit and toss in the offending garment. They should then douse it with some low-carbon emitting petrol and set it alight.

And never mention the matter again…

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