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Virginia Tech: Cho Seung-Hui Driven To It By TV’s Mr Hyde

by | 30th, April 2007

WHY did Cho Seung-Hui kill at Virginia Tech?

Even though Cho told the world why we can never really know. Can we? No, we cannot – especially on a slow news day. The NY Post’s Phil Space, aka Phil Mushnick, writes:

“On Sunday night, April 15th, 12 hours before Cho Seung-Hui began his killing spree on the Virginia Tech campus, ‘Dateline NBC’ devoted its entire show to telling the story of psychotic murderer Robert Hyde.

“Hyde was a bright young man from Albuquerque who began to suffer a steady mental deterioration until, one day, in 2005, at different locations, he shot and killed five people.

“Beyond the murders, the NBC show stressed that Hyde was a time bomb who was released from police custody and hospital care despite frightening episodes and warnings from many, including his family, that eventually there would be hell to pay, that eventually he would kill.

“Hyde’s story, it turned out, was roughly the same as Cho’s life story, except for the killing part. Cho hadn’t killed anyone, not yet.

“The morning after NBC’s show aired, Cho, described by schoolmates as an all-night TV watcher, shot and killed two people…

“Surely, Cho’s diseased mind was prepped and primed to commit mass murder, at some point. But did NBC’s show, the night before, serve as his prompt? In his afflicted state, did that “Dateline” installment push him over the edge? It’s unlikely that we’ll ever know.”

It’s the big question.
Now we just need to find out what was on the other channels, the radio, the Internet the night before and we might get a clue…?

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