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Gordon Brown And John Reid’s ‘Mobile World’

by | 1st, May 2007

A SPLIT in the Home Office? Gordon Brown says this? John Reid says that.

Dizzy investigates:
“IN response to a question from Michael Gove yesterday about what discussions John Reid had with Gordon Brown about the split in the Home Office (coming in two weeks), Reid not only said it was ‘nothing to do with him guv, all Tony’s idea’ but also turned into John Birt. He said,

The decision to refocus the Home Office so that it is better able to respond to the changes in the world at both a global and local level, where we have moved from static communities and a static world to a highly mobile world was one that was taken by the Prime Minister and discussed at Cabinet.

We’ve moved ‘from static communities and a static world to a highly mobile world’? What does that actually mean? Criminals have cars and drive to other towns to blag? Management-speak bollocks if you ask me.

I do like the teflon shoulders about the decision to split it up though. Strategically it makes sense to start portraying it as Blair’s doing. After all, he’s quitting soon and traditional left wing politics states that you always blame failures on your predecessor. No harm in preparing the ground early is there?

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