Anorak News | Afghanistan: War On Terror – Not War On Drugs

Afghanistan: War On Terror – Not War On Drugs

by | 1st, May 2007

FOR as long as the War on Terror has been raging we have bene told about the war on drugs – Afghanis grow opium and ihey must be stopped.

Problem is, if they can’t grow the cash crop how will they survive?

But things are changing. Sense is prevailing. Win hearts and minds. Win the war.

This from The Volokh Conspiracy:
“Over the last year, I have repeatedly explained how the Bush Administration’s ill-advised efforts to fight the War on Drugs in Afghanistan are undermining the War on Terror there by antagonizing Afghan civilians who depend on the drug trade for a living, and enabling the Taliban to finance itself through the illegal drug trade (see here, here, here, and here). And, lo and behold, the Administration might have finally learned its lesson on this crucial issue. According to this AP report, NATO forces are conducting a major offensive against Taliban forces in Western Afghanistan and are deliberately ‘turning a blind eye to the poppy crop, which supplies most of the world’s opium and heroin, for fear of antagonizing the many farmers who depend on it.'”

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