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Ultras Stupid: Vow To Kill Manchester United Fans

by | 2nd, May 2007

roma_fans.jpg“WE’LL KILL MAN UTD FANS.”

The Star’s front-page headline promises much. And none of it pleasant.

British book shops have shelves dedicated to the stories of sad men who see football fandom as a form of guerrilla warfare.

But this is not England. This is Italy, land of culture, fashion and the profiterole.

The Star has a picture of a fan of AC Milan. He is offering us his best Nazi salute. His head is wrapped in a hood. He is billed as one of the Ultras, a gang of inadequates who follow the Milan side.

And they have issued this proclamation: “Speak English and your dead.”

Of course, this could read “Speaka da Inglish and you is dead”, and it is tempting to turn to such anachronistic language given the circumstances.

“PLAY DUMB IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE,” comes another headline deeper inside the paper. Not stupid dumb – something many travelling football fans can carry off with aplomb without the Star’s promoting – but mute.

Trouble has dogged Manchester United’s European adventure this season. And the Star feels duty bond to looks over it all.

There is a picture of a Manchester United fan bloodied and battered in Rome.

The paper looks at violence between Catania and Palermo. A policeman died. “All hell breaks loose”.

This is bad. United fans should be concerned. But do not worry. Palermo and Catania play in Sicily, which schoolboy geography points to being not all that near Milan, or even Rome.

But the Star wants to show the trouble. And who knows, a United fan may play dump enough to end up in Sicily for tonight’s match in Milan.

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