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Princess Diana And The Holy Grail: William And Harry’s Dream

by | 2nd, May 2007

diana-mug.jpgTODAY Princess Diana is wearing pearl earrings on a diamond clasp.

The Express’s Diana News-ometer points towards a bright and sunny day with showers over the lower part of Lincolnshire. And a chance for William and Harry to “open their hearts”.

It seems that the princes are to star in a television interview.

Diana’s sons have recorded a “frank and extensive” chat with American TV show Today. The interview will be broadcast in connection with the concert to celebrate a decade of conspiracy theories and death.

As reported on Anorak, the show will embrace funeral rock’s No. 1 star Elton John, the English National Ballet, Nazi enthusiast Bryan Ferry and all manner of stars sure to have the crowd leaning well back in their seats and empathising with their resting idol.

But before that, interviewer Matt Lauer tells us that the boys are “enjoyable, nice, wonderful, warm and normal”. Would we expect him to say anything different?

“They were quite open,” adds Lauer, “and they talked a lot about their mom and about the pressures they face…the exposure and the over-exposure and their quest for normality. They treat it like the Holy Grail. They don’t think they’ll ever be able to attain it.”

Anorak is less certain. Chin up, boys. Come the revolution, Harry and Wills will be as normal as the rest of us.

But right now they have a concert to promote, a televised celebration of their mother’s death. Wills and Harry’s quest for normality takes in a concert at the new Wembley stadium and an interview on American TV.

Not preferential treatment – just what Diana would have wanted…

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