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Inside Cho Seung-Hui’s Closet

by | 2nd, May 2007

hui.jpgWHY Cho Seung-Hui did it: reason No 32109b – “GAY RAGE”.

It turns out that after telling the world why he did it in a long rambling series of videos, the Virginia Tec killer was a “closet homosexual”.

The Enquirer says the 23-year-old mass murderer spent his weekend at Backstreet Café, Roanoke, Virginia.

Says the café’s owner: “There is nothing mixed about the customers at Backstreet Café. Our clientele are gay men and lesbians, and we have a great time on Saturday nights with underwear parties, drag queens and drag kings.”

And, as the story goes, potential mass murderers.

And this is not all. As if you need any more proof, the Enquirer says the name of Cho’s imaginary supermodel lover – Jelly – could have come from a cosmetic line Jelly Pong Pong, which is “popular among gays”.

Had NBC only know this before it broadcast those tapes of Cho demanding attention and getting it.

“He was a silent but deadly erupting volcano, and it was gay rage that eventually caused him to snap,” says “famed psychologist” Dr Lillian Glass, fresh from her stint as the Enquirer’s “body language expert” in matters Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (neither of whom are believed to have known Cho).

Forensic psychiatrist Helen Morrison tells us: “The focus on the sexuality of females was only masking what appears to have been a tremendous fear that he was not truly attracted to females.”

This is, apparently, supported by Chastity Faye, an escort who spent an hour in a hotel with Cho last month.

“I danced for little while and I thought we were done because he got up and went to the restroom and began washing,” says she. But he came back into the room – “I started dancing and that’s when he…touched me and tried to get on me and that’s when I pushed him away.”

Because he was gay, right? Chastity does not say. And we are left wondering what else he was or wasn’t.

Lots more to follow…

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