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Suited And Booted Out: Lord Browne’s Gay Lesson To City Boys

by | 3rd, May 2007

rough-trader.jpgONE day on in the life of Jeff Chevalier, former lover to disgraced BP chief Lord Browne.

This is a really interesting story of how a man’s brilliant career became undone by a “white lie”. It’s a study in mores and values and how the world of big businezzzzzzzz…

Sorry, where were we? Oh, yes. As the Mail’s front-page says: “Sun King and his escort boy.” There they are on a boat, cruising.

And there’s the “seedy website” that offers £1 to charity for every booking. “The name might convey an image of City respectability,” says the Mail. The site is “suited and booted”, the web address for which is provided.

But this site does not offer the usual City Boy pursuits of lap-dancing and getting pie-eyed on lunchtime drink. Oh, no, this site is “littered with images of naked and semi-naked men in bizarre fetish gear”. This is the site that puts the bondage in bonds.

Mail readers are likely to be appalled and mentally scared. And as minds reel with images of puckered naked flash restrained in leather manacles, the Mail says this is the kind of thing Lord Brown was “unlikely” to have been studying at his polished desk at BP Towers.

Indeed, in the City, the required reading is something more akin to, and

This suited and booted perversion is something else in the chauvanistic, male-dominated world of the hedge fund and financial instruments.

Pictures of men called Romeo, Big Alex and Beloved strike “provocative poses”, their young tight flesh encased in “leather outfits and chains”.

“Suited and booted is advertised with a string of familiar agencies in listings columns on the internet,” says the Mail.

Find “stunning, educated guys with great personalities and friendly attitude”, says the blurb. City types looking for a new career away from the desk might be turned onto the idea.

But this is a seedy thing. This is how Lord Browne found his lover, Jeff Chevalier, who is all set to tell his morality tale to the Mail on Sunday.

We advise City workers to ignore it. Don’t look. Do not visit suited and booted lest it turn you gay and undo your career.

Confine yourself, dear City Boy, to more accepted and normal pursuits like the Pound in a Pin Glass strip show at the Knicker And Tart, ogling the secretary and popping out with Bob ‘The Inseminator’ for a lunchtime livener.

Let Lord Browne be a cautionary tale to one and all…

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