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Prince Harry Is Attacked

by | 4th, May 2007

prince_harry.jpgIF Prince Harry won’t go to the terror, the terror will come to Harry.

As the Sun reports in “HATE –FILLED DRUNK’S IRAQ RANT AT HARRY”, the young prince has been “set upon by a violent thug”.

While out for an evening’s refreshment at London’s Azteca Lounge, a man approaches Harry.

“Why don’t you just p*** off to Iraq and get yourself killed, you ginger t***,” he suggests.

The man’s identity is not known. And our blood chills at the thought that he might have had a wiry beard.

A witness explains: “This guy came out of nowhere and just started hurling abuse at Prince Harry.”

A surprise attack by an insurgent, eh?

“Harry’s reaction was one of shock. He stood facing the guy – and then the chap lunged at Harry as is he was trying to punch him.”

Harry shot him, right? And planted a flag in his right nostril?

He never got the chance – “That was when his bodyguards intervened. It could have got ugly but Harry kept his temper and let it sort itself out.”

Well done, Harry for keeping cool under enemy fire. And he has duly passed Stage 1 of his Urban Warfare Challenge.

Now for Stage 2 – getting to the next bar without being spotted…

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