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Lemmy A Kinder Egg: Motorhead’s Tour Rider

by | 4th, May 2007

lemmy_motor.jpgTHE band’s tour rider is the stuff of legend.

From clean boxer shorts (Jane’s Addiction), mistletoe and wine (Cliff Richard) to Iggy Pop’s rider which ran for 18 pages and included a rant about a “fat, bearded hippy”, a threat to chop the recipient into “a hundred pieces” and the idea for a reality TV show called “Dead Dog Island”.

And now the Sun brings news of Lemmy’s rider.

Lemmy (as in “Lemmy a fiver”) is the frontman for Mortorhead, the band famed for the Ace of Spades and the line “You’re jailbait and I just can’t wait”. It turns out that Lemmy is a Kinder Egg enthusiast.

Music fans will recoil at this and doubtless see some perversion flash before their inner eye. What do Lemmy and the lads need with these eggs?

But Lemmy is just a big spotty kid at heart and loves collecting the toys that come secreted within the chocolate eggs.

The Kinder Surprise eggs are a condition of Lemmy performing at this summer festival in the Norwegian town of Steinkjer.

The show’s organisers should ensure that Eggs are bought individually and in packs “because then it’s more likely the toys inside are different”.

Lemmy is right, as ever.

There is little in life more disappointing than cracking opening a Kinder Suprise to find a repeat of a toy you already have in your collection.

It’s as much use as a chocolate teapot (see Britney Spears’ tour rider)…

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