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Bully For Blair: Tony Quits And Euan Blair’s Hard Times

by | 4th, May 2007

blairs.jpgTONY Blair is talking about his children.

Says he: “I could not avoid the fact that my children were affected by the consequences of their father’s status.”

Indeed. Looking at just Euan Blair, the oldest Blair child, is a worry.

Thanks to dad, Euan got to go to a selective state school and receive private tuition on the side from masters at private Westminster School.

Thanks to dad, as the Telegraph once reported, a short time before E Blair’s application arrived for Bristol University, “the university was told to pass over independent school candidates with three As in favour of state school candidates with three Bs (so it’s ‘yes’ to Euan, ‘no’ to Etonians), or it would have its funding cut.”

Thanks to dad, Euan boned up for his Spanish A levels at the British Council School in Madrid.

Thanks to dad and mum’s friend’s boyfriend, Euan got to live in a nice flat in Bristol.

Thanks to dad, Cherie Blair was able to call on the Ministry of Defence to help Euan with his school project about nuclear disarmament.

And thanks to dad, Euan was granted £50,000 to study for an MA in international relations at Yale.

Of course, Euan’s education is his own business. There is nothing to say that dad facilitated his brilliant career. The boy is not a fool. And while being arrested for being drunk and incapable is not the smartest move, it does not smack of mental negligibility.

And there was the bulling. Says Tony: “My two eldest boys recently told me what they went through at school at the beginning. That was hard.”

Hard for them? Or hard for Tony? We cannot be sure. Possibly hard for everyone, including us. Life is hard when you are the leader and your children are trekking across London to go to a better state school than the local pit.

Of course, Tony is stepping down soon – the Mirror says next Thursday. And he can then spend much longer getting to know his children.

And, as the Mail’s front-page headline says – “BLAIR TO TAKE THE MONEY And RUN” – Tony will pocket £10million in his first year out of office and so be able to shower his brood with all their hearts desire.

Let’s hope it’s enough to help them get over the hardship of being Tony’s children…

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