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Blankety-Blank For The Cheque Book

by | 7th, May 2007

ALONG with analog TV, smoking in pubs and belief in the British political system, it now seems that the humble chequebook is set to be consigned to history.

With high street chemist Boots joining the likes of Shell, Next and PC World in deciding to stop accepting cheques at around 1,5000 of their stores nationwide and with Tesco pondering a similar move with a number of trials in some of its supermarkets, the end may well be nigh for a form of payment that dates all the way back to 1642.

Apacs, the UK payments association, has found that people write less than two cheques a month and receive less than seven a year.

The Federation of Small Businesses, however, insist that cheques are still widely used to pay the likes of plumbers and builders while Help The Aged are concerned that the changes will hit pensioners who feel comfortable using cheques rather than chip and pin technology.

Still, expect a revival in ‘retro’ ‘old skool’ chequebooks amongst the uber-trendy in the coming years.

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