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John Reid And Gordon Brown’s Coronation Chickens

by | 7th, May 2007

reid.jpgWITH John Reid resigning as Home Secretary and ruling himself out of the leadership race, it now seems that, surprise surprise, Gordon Brown’s ascension to the Prime Ministerial throne is all but sealed. (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or.)

The arch-Blairite Reid denies he has jumped before he was pushed. Says he: “I have discussed it with Gordon, I’ve had a very good discussion with Gordon on a number of these issues. He has made plain to me there’s a place in his government for me but he understands and he accepts my decision on this.”

Brown’s imminent move next-door to No. 10 – without the inconvenience of a General Election – recalls to mind John Major’s unchallenged coronation in 1990, a move by the Tories which then provoked uproar in the Labour party.

However, that was a very different Labour party. Something someone should tell Brown’s only potential challenger, left-wing former minister Michael Meacher.

Left-wing? Labour? What is he thinking? No chance…

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