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Royals Ban Princess Diana

by | 8th, May 2007

postcard-1.JPGNOT once during President Bush’s speech to welcome Queen Elizabeth to America did he invoke the spirit of Princess Diana.

Manchester United did not dedicate their winning of the Premier League to the memory of the People’s Princess, without whom their triumph would have been devoid of glory.

And we can confirm that Tony Blair has not once uttered the real reason for his imminent departure, which – naturally – coincides with the tenth anniversary of Diana’s passing.

And this is all because, as the Express’s reports on its front page: “Royal ban on Diana because she’s too popular.”

Dressed in a light pink, wide-brimmed hat with central bow, pearl drop earrings and matching chocker, Diana is beaming on the Express’s front page.

Doubtless, Diana is responding to the news that her never-waning popularity continues to unsettle the royals and dictate official postcard policy.

In “Diana is still loved…but her Palace postcards are banned”, readers learn that shops at royal palaces will not be selling postcards of the Princess of Hearts. And this is because they have been “banned”.

Says a spokeswoman for the Royal Collection, which runs such shops: “We do stock some Diana memorabilia, particularly books,” of which they are many. “It’s just the postcards that we don’t sell. We have this rule that we only stock postcards of current members of the Royal Family.”

So you can buy a postcard of Prince Edward, The Weed In Tweed, running away from the Marines, a shot of Prince Harry dressed as a Nazi and an advert for tampons featuring Prince’s Charles wearing knee-length white socks and a bodice of biodegradable cotton wool, but no picture of Diana?

This is an outrage. We urge the keepers of ye olde royal shoppes to reconsider. Let’s have those bestselling postcards of what is rumoured to be Camilla’s white Fiat Uno, Prince Phillip in that uniform before Harry borrowed it and the Queen standing on a grassy knoll in Paris armed with a pack of hunting hounds.

This is what the tourists want. And at £2.50 a go, plus postage, it’s time to let them have it…

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