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Phil Mitchell Is Our Greatest Living Briton

by | 8th, May 2007

phil_mitchell.jpg“VOTE for the Greatest living Briton,” calls the Sun.

Is it Julie Andrews, David Beckham, Billy Connolly, Stephen Hawking, Trevor McDonald, Kate Moss, the Queen or Margaret Thatcher (she’s alive!)?

It is a tough call, the list a composite blend of statesmen, pioneers, cross-dressers and perennial guest on Michael Parkinson’s TV shows.

And now another name to conjure with. As the Mirror reports over two pages, in a piece entitled “PHIL THE ‘ERO”, EastEnders “hardman” Phil Mitchell should not be overlooked.

“WATER GUY”, says the Mirror as Phil dives into the waters to rescue his son Ben, Ian Beale and Ian’s son Peter.

Phil might move with all the grace of an obese penguin on dry land but immersed in a lake, he moves with all the grace of, well, an obese penguin.

The Mirror is not “No 1 on soap EXCLUSIVES” for nothing, leaving the Star in the No.2 spot, forced to make do with a “PICTURE EXCLUSIVE” of Phil dipped in the icy waters.

“This is the dramatic moment Phil Mitchell dives to the bottom of a lake to rescue his terrified son from a sinking car,” coos the Star.

With the Sun’s vote already underway, we cannot wait to tell you than Phil saves the day. He rescues Ian. He plucks Ben from the car. He blows air and bits of salt and vinegar crisps into Pete’s mouth.

What happens next is not revealed. But with this being Phil Mitchell, aka Steve McFadden, readers cannot rule out the hero slinking dog like into the woods and ending up in a car park

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