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Taxi For Doherty: F*ckwit Offers Cabbie Kate Moss’s Stuff

by | 8th, May 2007

pete_doherty.jpgYOU join us on Camden Road, a bleak stretch of North London tarmac. Pete Doherty, lover to Kate Moss, is in the company of a stricken MG BGT car.

He calls a cab. Taxi driver Roland Andrews, perhaps unaware of Doherty’s reputation, and unconcerned for his seat covers’ wellbeing, agrees to pick Doherty up.

He takes Doherty to Moss’ home in nearby St John’s Wood.

Roland: He was up there for five minutes and comes rushing out with some belongings including a battered suitcase, an empty picture frame and his guitar.”

Is Doherty heading for an interview on Desert Island Discs, these the belongings he would like to be stranded with?

Roland: “Then all of a sudden Kate comes running out in her skimpy nightdress and hurls a glass at my cab.”

Had Doherty forgotten it?

Roland drives off. Doherty is now in the back.

Roland: “As I started driving he tried to explain the ruckus, saying ‘Women trouble. I’ve messed up my life… Then he stared going on about getting another implant to stop the drugs having an effect on him and turn his life around.”

Indeed, if the implant can stop the drugs having an effect, imagine how many drugs Doherty can take. The mind boggles.

On Roland and Doherty press. It is 4:30 am when they arrive at Moss’s Cotsworlds home. The fare is £250. Doherty reaches into his pockets – guitar, picture frame, suitcase, broken glass. He finds £100.

Roland: “He asked me to help him unload his stuff into Kate’s house and then he said, ‘If there’s anything here you want then help yourself to it. The missus won’t mind.”

But Roland resisted. “I was hardly going to take someone’s belongings so of course I said no.”

And apologetic Doherty gave Roland his accountant’s number and told him to call and the difference would be made good. Roland called. The accountant knew nothing about it.

“It was an experience,” says Roland. “Although I’ve lost out on £150.”

And get a load of those seat covers…

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