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A Fishy Tail: Kelly Brook And Billy Zane’s Children

by | 8th, May 2007

kelly-brook.jpgSAYS Kelly Brook in Hello!: “We each feel so lucky we’ve found the one person with whom we want children. And I’ll tell them: ‘Your dad and I made this lovely film together before you were even born!’ I really love that.”

For purposes of recorded testimony, Kerry and ‘dad’ Billy Zane are not talking of Three – Survival island, a film starring Billy, Kelly and white bikini, a film of which one reviews noted: “Three arrive…one survives…and it’s not the audience.”

They are speaking of Fishtails in which Kelly plays a mermaid and Billy a professor who travels to Greece. And for scientific purposes he catches Kelly on rod and line, guts and fillets her before serving her grilled on a bed of rice, dressed in an artichoke jus.

But before that he falls madly in love and marries her etc. etc.. “It’s a kind of modern love story with mythology thrown in,” says Kelly. And a side order of calamari, no doubt.

“It does feel like very special project,” say Kelly. And so as to not spoil the script: “I was thinking, what I’d really like to do is make a beautiful film in a beautiful location with my husband-to-be. And then I was handed the script for Fishtails.”

Not quite beyond parody, as Billy adds: “Kelly has great comic timing.”

So here are Kelly and Billy on the “beautiful Greek island of Spetse.” They are embracing while “perched on a cliff top”. The sea is a “deep turquoise”, “suffused with shafts of gold and amber light. Sea birds squawk as they follow the fishing boats setting out for the daily catch.”

Does Kelly now empathise with the fish?

“Billy’s dad and mine share the same star sign, Aquarius,” says Kelly.

Which is fishy…

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