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(Fort) Dix Heads: Islamic Terrorists Blot Their Kinkos Copy Books

by | 9th, May 2007

11363.jpgMEMO to terrorists in America: Next time you want to make a Jihadi video, don’t take it to your local Kinkos.

After months of carefully planning an attack on a US Army base, six Muslim men from New Jersey must have been irked to discover yesterday that their cover was blown by a clerk at a Kinkos store.

The clerk called cops last year after being asked to convert a videotape into a DVD. When the clerk looked at the tape he saw ten men firing guns at a Pennsylvania firing range while shouting in Arabic “God is Great!”

It kind of gave them away.

The FBI was called in and a months-long undercover investigation uncovered a plot to attack Fort Dix, New Jersey.

An informant taped one plotter, Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer, saying: “My intent is to hit a heavy concentration of soldiers. [Fort Dix] is exactly what we are looking for. You hit four, five or six Humvees. . . and retreat completely without any losses.”

When the men tried to buy assault weapons and grenade launchers the trap was sprung.

But the Daily News points out that Kinkos will not always be there to defend America.

“We can’t afford to rely on random tipoffs that plots against the homeland are being hatched in some rathole,” says the News. “Store clerks are not the nation’s first line of defense. And not every would-be wreaker of mayhem is so stupid as to let strangers see a video of himself shouting in Arabic at a Poconos firing range.”

But how else is America going to spot them?

As the New York Post points out, these terrorists were everyday knock-around guys: They lived in houses instead of caves. They didn’t wear long robes, funny hats or have pointy beards.

“You wouldn’t think this is something they would be capable of doing,” The Post quotes Michael Levine, a neighbour of one of the plotters. “They went to work every day and they came home.”

A damning indictment if ever we heard one.

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