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Immigrant Orange

by | 10th, May 2007

tl-ihearttheorangerevolution.jpg“THEY come over here and take our jobs. And our homes. And our women. And our men”.

No matter how much immigrants contribute to the economy, state services and to the fabric of these islands, there will always be those loveable dissenters.

However, Orange is the latest company to welcome the new arrivals with open arms and view them as they do all of us – as another way to make money.

The phone company has now launched a cheap international phone service that will allow immigrants and foreign workers in Britain to call overseas from their mobiles at a cheaper rate than those offered by international phone cards.

With people forking out around £800 million on international call cards every year, the market is enormous and with Orange’s new service, customers won’t have to deal with the fiddly pin numbers, poor call quality and high costs.

Instead, they can purchase the “Orange Call Abroad” pay-as-you-go SIM card for £5 and call home, wherever home may be, from their mobile.

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