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Goody Overboard: Big Brother Air Rage

by | 10th, May 2007

budden.jpgBIG Brother loudmouth Jade Goody’s mum has issued a “four-letter tirade on a holiday jet”.

So says the Sun.

Jackiey Bunden, for it is she, is aboard a packed flight from Gatwick airport to Jamaica.

Passenger Steve Mitchell is also onboard. Steve is a financial controller.

Says he: “She was effing and blinding about not being fed, she was so loud the whole plane was bothered. I asked to be moved four times.”

And not moved closer to the celebrity but, one imagines, further away.

Adds Steve: “The supervisor had to be called. She was told in no uncertain terms that we would divert.”

Where the plane would have diverted to is not revealed. But it is thought the airline missed an opportunity to drop Jackiey onto Greenland.

Dressed in her stinging nettle bikini…

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