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Sid Snot: Kate Moss Bans Pete Doherty’s Sex Pistols

by | 10th, May 2007

sid.jpg“THINK of it less as snot and more as ectoplasm,” says Pete Doherty to Kate Moss as she returns to her newly decorated home.

As the Star reports, with Moss away promoting her fashion line in New York, Doherty intended to throw a party at her London home to celebrate what would have been Sid Vicious’s 50th birthday party.

(Anorak recalls Vicious with mixed feelings, he having been involved in the acquisition of Hackney schoolmate Sharon Knight’s eraser. The years have been hard on brave Sharon.)

And so to the celebration, which we are old was to feature blood painting and a séance.

The plan was for half-dead Doherty to make contact with the resting Vicious, who died from heroin overdose aged 21.

We close our eyes and see Doherty conjuring the Vicious spirit. “Are you there, Sidney Vicious? Tap a big vein on your arm twice for yes and once for no.

Tap… Tap… Tap.

Doherty has questions for the legendary music star.

“How much smack is too much smack?; “Can you have too much smack?”; “Have you got any smack?”

But it now seems that Sid’s spirit can remain at ease. Moss has kyboshed the macabre party.

And, as the report goes, Doherty threw a hissy fit. But it was for nought and instead of a night of rock ‘n’ roll excess, Doherty and chums will be marking Vicious remembrance day with a barbecue in the garden.

Here’s for Doherty putting the organic sausage in rock ‘n’ roll!

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