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Running Scared: Paris Hilton Should Mexico Go

by | 10th, May 2007

paris-jail.jpgPARIS Hilton is scared. “I’m very scared,” says Paris Hilton.

Pending an appeal, Paris is heading to jail. And the fear is that One Night in Paris will become 45 Nights In Paris as the video gets nasty.

As a friend tells us: “One person wrote she is going to steal Paris’s shoes and if she argues, she’ll be beaten to a pulp. It’s horrifying.”

For sure. The idea of villains wandering about jails in towering handmade heels is worrying and questions what kind of punishment jail really is.

One way round this terror would be for the jail to issue all prisoners with Christian Louboutin Collier Montee sandals, in all shades of orange.

Some may suppose Paris should circumvent this danger by entering jail in bare feet or else wearing a pair of £1.99 espadrilles. But to do so would be to inflict a truly damaging blow to the Paris story from which she may never recover.

Paris will have to arrive in jail dressed in killer hells. And if they are sawn from her feet by a woman with tattooed breasts and full beard, then so be it. No pain, no gain.

And so too for jail, which already seems to be working for Paris.

In “Paris in tears,” the Sun hears her say: “I am ready to face the consequences.”

And: “No one is above the law. I surely am not. I do not expect to be treated better than everyone else. However, my hope is that I will not be treated worse.”

But as the prison tailor hand stitches Paris’s blue jumpsuit, the Mirror watches her take a “U-turn”. In all Paris executes three U-turns in a dead–end in Century City.

The Star says Paris is a menace. It notes that Paris appears to be lost. Paris also seems to be sending text messages as she pilots her £120,000 convertible Rolls Royce.

Using a mobile while driving is not against the law in California, which is no small shock to we who believe all our laws stem from over there.

And neither is getting lost a crime. Unless, of course, Paris is a noddle head with a dire sense of direction and manages to get lost all the way across the Mexican border…

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