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G-Wiz: Green Car Goes With A Bang

by | 10th, May 2007

g-wiz1.jpgTHE G-Wiz car looks like the protype for the golf cart, before it was made sturdier and roadworthy.

Drive one in London and avoid the congestion charge and some parking laws.

But it is not universally popular. As Boris Johnson writes:

Above all, my friends, if you drive a G-Wiz you are saving the planet. It is a joyful contraption; it costs less than £7,000; it is eco-friendly, and gaining rapidly in popularity; and how, therefore, do you think it is viewed by the emanations of the British state?

They want to ban it, of course. No, wait. It’s even wetter than that. They want Brussels to ban it for them! Some brainbox at the Department of Transport has spotted one of the 750 G-Wiz machines now on the streets of London, and has sucked his teeth. Hmm, he has said to himself. That looks too good to be true.

Thing is, the G-Wiz doubles as an eco-friendly coffin. Drive it into a hazard at 40mph and as Top Gear magazine reports:

A spokesman for the magazine said: “The car’s protection cell failed miserably.

“The driver’s legs have been pushed a long way backward. A human leg would have been shattered, causing massive bleeding, potentially fatal in itself.

“The steering wheel has been pushed into the dummy’s soft abdomen. A human is very vulnerable here – liver injuries, for example, can mean massive internal bleeding.”

Of course, if the speed was kept to, say, 20mph and all other cars banned, the G-Wiz would be safer. Right? The average speed of traffic in London is 10mph.

And that goes for 4x4s, sports cars and busses. But not black cabs, obviously, which go so very, very slowly…

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