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Rudolph Knows: Tell The Pope Giuliani Is Running For President Not Heaven

by | 10th, May 2007

clinton-rudy_.jpgREPUBLICAN Presidential nominees do not support abortion. So Catholic Rudolph Giuliani’s decision to back abortion rights is either a dumb move or a radical departure.After all, didn’t the Pope spell it out yesterday during his recent trip to Brazil? Support abortion and you get kicked out of the Church.

“It is part of the canon law code,” the Pope told reporters. “It is based simply on the principle that the killing of an innocent human child is incompatible with going in Communion with the body of Christ.”

Then again, Giuliani is running for President not heaven. And according to the New York Times, he thinks he may have a shot at the Republican nomination by aiming for liberal states like California and New York and giving up on anti-abortion heartlands like Iowa and South Carolina.

Giuliani likes to portray himself as a no-nonsense kind of guy. And the abortion issue wrong-footed him last week during a Republican presidential debate where he appeared to fudge his pro-abortion stance.

Brett Whitehead, a pro-life Republican in Alabama where Giuliani is campaigning, told the Daily News, “I’d have more respect for him if he just explained to me why he is pro-choice, rather than trying to stay in the middle. You can’t be one thing in New York and another in Tuscaloosa.”

But conservative commentators say fighting for abortion will hurt Giuliani’s campaign. Rich Lowry, editor of the conservative magazine National Review, told the Times, “You can’t win as a pro-choicer who is going to deliberately set on challenging the party’s orthodoxy on the issue.”

But Giuliani was having none of it, neither from Whitehead, Lowry or even his royal Popeness.

“Issues like that, for me, are between me and my confessor,” he said.

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