Anorak News | Take Him Up, Ginger: Prince Harry’s Red Army In Iraq

Take Him Up, Ginger: Prince Harry’s Red Army In Iraq

by | 11th, May 2007

prince-harry.jpgANORAK’S plan for all British soldiers in Iraq to be in Prince Harry’s Ronald McDonald Army is developing well.

In “WE’RE WIG YOU, SIR,” the Sun says that members of Harry’s troop are equipping themselves with red fright wigs.

To the command “Bacardi!” the troop will don the wigs and so distract enemy fire. The insurgents will not know which is the real Harry and become confused.

Of course, the enemy may well just seek to kidnap or shoot all our boys and work out who is who later. But this is not the time to make reply, theirs is not to reason why.

And what with this being a military operation, the Army denies the story. The Sun says that in line with military regulations the boys will not be allowed to wear the ginger wigs on manoeuvres. Sure thing. Wouldn’t want the enemy to suspect, would we?

Whisper it – the boys will wear the wigs. And seduced by the chance to seize Harry, the enemy will emerge from their holes to be slaughtered.

And now we look forward to the Army taking up the second part of our plan and deploy all other ginger royals on the frontline.

Sarah Ferguson, your country needs you.


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