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Tony Blair: Come Out! We Have You Surrounded

by | 12th, May 2007

TONY Blair’s is at Trimdon Labour Club.

The BBC was there:

“Mr Blair was given a standing ovation by around 250 Labour activists and members who had crammed into the tiny bar of Trimdon Labour Club to see him off. Waving hand-written placards reading “Sedgefield Loves Tony”, “10 Great Years”, “Thank You” and “Britain is Better”, the crowd cheered as Mr Blair embraced his election agent John Burton and wife Cherie.

And so was she:

A handful of anti-war protesters shouted their outrage; two of them in orange boiler suits with bags over their heads. I think they would have been better shouting: “Hurray, hurray” if they wanted to win hearts and souls. Instead, they had a loud claxon and shouted things like: “Come out. the building is surrounded by police.” That was quite witty. They also shouted: “Shame” which is an utterly pointless thing to shout at any politician. Their banner said they were “Sedgefield against war”. Maybe they were. The locals I heard talking to them said things like: “You’re a bloody embarrassment, you are.” If they are local, I do not think they have a big following.

Bye Tony. Good luck with the memoirs. Shucks!

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